Christ the King-PTO

P.T.O. BOARD Members 2018-2019

Sage Bernardini, Julia Leach, Wayne Braun, and Erin Dye

Contact PTO via email at  

P.T.O. Administrative Representative

Admin Representative - Tracey Whitney  email: 

P.T.O. School Board Liaison

 PTO Liaison -

2018 - 2019 Class Parent Coordinator and Class Parents

Class Parent Coordinator (CPC)

The CPC acts as a liason to CKS Room Parents, ensuring all families receive timely and consistent information. The CPC reports directly to Tracey Whitney. By having a central information distributor, accuracy is maintained and Room Parents can then disburse it to their respective class parents. If a committee chair needs volunteers, the request will be forwarded to the CPC to distribute to all Room Parents for disbursement to class parents. If there is a need or want then it must go through the CPC. If a Room Parent has a question, the CPC can be contacted and they will be directed to the appropriate person, or link on the CKS web site.

E-mails to Room Parents for school-wide or class distribution please CC the class parent coordinator listed above.

Christ the King School

2018 - 2019

Room Parents 


Brittany Langevin/Plevel:


Jenna Hamdy:

Sandy Riddle-Cheung:

Jeff Cheung: 


Jessica Tomkowicz:


Erin Baslow: 

Sandy Riddle-Cheung:

1st Grade

Hillary Booth:

Abby Luck:

2nd Grade 

Jenn Kelley:

Kathy Deemer:

3rd Grade 

 Jenn Pizzagalli:

4th Grade 

Ellen Cislo:

Alexis Handy: 

5th Grade 

Heatherly Allard:

Katie Nunn: 

6th Grade 


7th Grade


8th Grade 





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